Hong Kong and China
May and June 2010

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February 2011 - 01 a bonus edition!

An extra bonus podcast for February. To while away the cold and wet days.... 20 tracks, 10 songs- different versions! Which do YOU prefer?
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March 2011 - Bristol Nostalgia

Almost a week spent in Bristol at the end of February stirred up fond memories of some 14 years of Bristol living excess in all departments. Aaaah youth!....... influenced by eclectic music. 20 random tracks here. 
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May 2011 - Summer Trance Dance

At last signs of sun and warmth! Grab a beer, bask in the sun and trance/dance (but make sure nobody's looking at ya!)
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June 2011 - Remembering Richard

Nothing but fond memories ..............
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July 2011 - One For The Road

During July I participated in a motorcycle road trip through wonderful scenery in British Colombia, Montana and Idaho.... All for a great charity - ChildLine Rocks. Here's a free road-themed July program. Enjoy. 

all the trip videos here  .... at http://www.johancoorg.com/JBCChildlineRocks2011.html
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August 2011 - London and Libya

Blood and Fire are the simularity in both countries. There the likeness stops: One mindlessly unjustified, the other the opposite.

Excellent spookily appropriate soundtracks courtesy of Richard Bates. 

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November 2011 - Random Feelgood Music

It has been a couple of months of furious travel, but Radio Coorg is back with a whimsical feelgood selection to enjoy yourself in these tough times :-))

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January 2012 - The Ghetto

The struggle returns for increasing millions. Featuring tracks from the golden age of popular music - the early 70s. Sit back, relax, enjoy.
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February 2012

Cold... been just plain cold!
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June 2012

After a few months' absence the return of Radio Coorg! But June has been just as disappointing as February weather-wise, so chill to some eclectic Jazz tunes!

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July 2012

It's like a bus or a train- you wait and wait then two come along. Finally after many years another Analog Almanac compilation. Lovingly recorded from vinyl - mostly 70s and 80s lesser known grooves- nonetheless
featuring some of my all time favourites.
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September 2012

We've all been shedding a tear or two here in Great Britain- happy at Olympic and Paralympic success. Even Andy Murray when he won gold... but thank goodness he held back at his incredible win in Flushing Meadow New York!
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October 2012

Not the Led Zeppelin Show. When you think about, it Led Zeppelin did little "original" stuff; not a criticism, just an observation! Here a selection of "Led Zeppelin" songs, but from the original artists. How many do you recognise?
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November 2012

The Quiet Storm. Tumultuous happenings on the Eastern Seaboard and a crazy hard fought election have seen the USA go through it in the last week. Here's a calming playlist wishing all American friends peace and harmony to work together for a bright future.
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December 2012

Happy Birthday! A tribute to my fabulous wife who defies the passing of time as she reaches a (ahem) significant birthday. Here are some of her favourites! Love Ya darlin' with all my heart! XXX
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2013 - 01 (Feb)

Memories from the Sixth Form Common Room. This first podcast for 2013 unusually for me features zero black, reggae, soul, or anything related. ...... clearly inspired by the "hairy" days.......
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2013 - 02 March

Spring Masquerading as Winter. The awful endless winter has yielded some pleasures. More music buying and more listening to old classics. Listen to ALL this playlist- it gets going. Do leave comments on the various eclectic tracks ... XX Johan
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2013 - 03 May

Radio Coorg returns with ..........Ethereal - It only works if you listen to the lot!

Sit back, relax  - let it wash over you!

e·the·re·al  [ih-theer-ee-uhl] 
light, airy, or tenuous: an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination.
extremely delicate or refined: ethereal beauty.
heavenly or celestial: gone to his ethereal home.
of or pertaining to the upper regions of space.
Chemistry . pertaining to, containing, or resembling ethyl ether.
Radio Coorg

2013 - 04 June


... for 21st June..... just because